THIS WEEKS STYLEBOARDS //Jeans Basic for Boys /Jeans Jacket for Girls

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PPTR_Jeans_basic_BoysDOWNLOAD Taylor_Jacket_Light_WashedDOWNLOAD

Denim LOVES Grey Melange /Combo //Jackets and Western Shirts

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I was shared with you some of our ladies jacket with melange fleece inserts, here:

Now with this new post I also want to more

Jeans Jacket with Denim and Grey Melange combination /Ladies sizes XS to XL

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Very popular and timeless style, have many different options out there in the market almost at all jeans brands. Its popuolar more

Denim Jeans Jacket /MEN //Sport ///XS>XXL sizes /Blue and Black denim

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This is a bestseller fit in market for a long time. 10 oz denim with elasthane. 2 colors with 2 washing:

Blue denim with stone wash Black denim with rinse wash

WISTTT // Jeans out of Velour Denims

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The fabric is not a woven corduroy, but its a coated/flocked velvet still very durable to washing. And it gets the best look after a standart-simple garment wash; a worn and shiny look. We had some issues at laundry but we became more wise and carefull on production. The result is very nice: Not a flat/dull corduroy look but more more

SPORT FLEECE DENIM /Jeans /Men_Winter //Jogging Sets w. lasering and reflective print ///XS_XXL sizes

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First set in pictures:

Fleece fabric weaved at denim mill; Very comfortable but still durable. Cotton/elasthane composition Satin feel fabric surface Black denim, used washed. Reflective side and more

White Denim /Skirt/Jacket/Pants/Salopette //GIRLS_4-14 YRS ///Sustainable Production w. Organic Fabric

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A nice set of more

Set of jeans

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A simple set of jeans, with same fabric and wash color, could be very usefull to complete the sales of a kids collection.

Summer Time -GIRLS-

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Lightweight, less fabric, open collars, short pants, bright colors and white.. Best fits for girls and never out of date styles. Check out more

Warm Parkas for the Girls

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These warm winter parkas are very special production. One of them is a dril-gabardine/washed and the other one is faux-leather. Eigther of them needs special workmanship, different then the other. The only common work is at insides, at detachable furs. more

Style Report 102 – Denim Jackets

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This second series are with denim jackets. Not necceesary to mention if its for boys or girls, some of the are for both. But many of them are with details with embroidery, sequins, leather applications, hoftix materials, fringes or very more

Shadow wash is worth to try

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Shadow wash is the nickname of a special dye process, probably there are more nicknames out there. The look is so satisfying, there are really nice shadow effects around the thick stitching parts, more

Leather jackets for biker girls and boys, of Cavalli and Miss Grant

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One day they will get on to a motorbike.. If you still have real leather in your collections, you must check our production possibilties. In Izmir we have very good leather productions since the beginning of our company. Actually, leather production is more

Denim Report 101: qp Girls Jacket and Miss Grant shorts

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I am starting a new report series of our denim works, this is the first one. I think, the series will be 6-7 reports long. This first one includes:

Basic pants with light-weight 9oz denim Denims with studs and stones Random bleach wash Denims with sequins Printed denims

Sequins Embroideried on Jeans //with the tricky part

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Can you spot the shine on this denim short? Its the transparent sequins shines, embroideried on body. 

But how you can make embrodiery on more

Trying to reach a white with bleach moonwash

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Trying to reach a white color with bleach moonwash was the goal on these trials. Before, we got more blue-ish tones like below jacket with transparent sequins embroideried (more pictures will post later), more

Jersey Report 103: 12 melange colors in 1 collection

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Recently we have been made a garment collection out of fleece and jersey fabrics which were out of 12 melange colors. Yes, we completely and only used melange fabrics and there were 12 different colors. I don’t need to write much about this production, just take a lot at the pictures below:

Leather jackets for chic girls

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These are the our leather jackets for chic girl.

Suri can wear them.

Kids jackets back in our portfolio

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Thanks to our one of the most skilled supplier that they have started to produce some winter collection of cotton jackets for kids. The picture above shows a two way jacket. more

Distressed Leather Jacket

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We wanted to make a bit more distressed looking leather jacket than a standart garment washed.  We garment dyed a jacket which its body combined with ready-to-dye (RTD) fleece and pre-dyed leather jacket. The dye color was the same as leather color.

As you may see from below pictures, the fleece parts have a standart garment-dye used look. And the leather parts more


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