Organic Jersey to wear with Sustainable Jeans

Şubat 12, 2020 No comments yet

This is a small jersey setup for a Dutch Kids Jeans brand, to combine with the organic and sustainable jeans. So all more

Trending //Production /Tie Dye and Dip Dye

Ağustos 23, 2019 No comments yet

This is simply a handmade job. A product and technique which never get out of fashion.

When we ready to dye all the production bulk of the gabardine shorts we call “the guy” who knows how to tie and more

Jersey Report 105: Cavalli Angels, Miss Grant Bleached Melange and scuba

Temmuz 25, 2017 No comments yet

On this additon of report I grouped very different jersey pictures from our past works. Cotton/lyrcra t-shirts of Cavalli Angels, are oldies but still goodies. And follows some special fleece garments produced for Miss Grant and Dondup girls:

Cavalli ANGELS jersey Miss Grant; more

Jersey report 104: Beach tshirts and digital printed t-shirts are here

Temmuz 24, 2017 No comments yet

Jersey report is back again. Here bunch of different jersey works we have been doing recenty or already done productions.

beach tshirts garment dyed digital print and stones applications fleece jacket and pants scuba vanise various other styles

Here all the galleries of pictures:

Fluo colored (neon dyed) garments

Temmuz 24, 2012 No comments yet

You will see much more of those neon colored (garment dyed) garments at production plants and laundries but also at shops this summer. Because preparations for 2013 summer already took attention of fast fashion brands and they bring neon more

Jersey Report 103: 12 melange colors in 1 collection

Haziran 5, 2012 No comments yet

Recently we have been made a garment collection out of fleece and jersey fabrics which were out of 12 melange colors. Yes, we completely and only used melange fabrics and there were 12 different colors. I don’t need to write much about this production, just take a lot at the pictures below:

Jersey Report 102 – Photo Printing CMYK

Haziran 5, 2012 No comments yet

“Production is discouraging creativity”. And we can put this further and say “Marketing is discouraging productivity”.

These days photo printed t shirts are fashion. And many asks from us the same and sending us photographic artworks. And asking for digital printing. One year ago it was difficult to find a digital textile printing but now there are printing-houses at more

Spraying the tshirt

Haziran 2, 2012 No comments yet

Even when you are not the first doing something your name given on it. Because you do it very originally and widely on your market. When our collaborative designers asked me to make some “acid spray” over some t-shirts i couldn’t get it at first. Then they explained me very short: “we want Abercrombie spray”.  That time i understood more

Jersey Report 101 – Cool tshirts

Haziran 1, 2012 No comments yet

Since very long time we don’t post news about our jersey works and productions. And we have more

Old dye or cold dye

Aralık 9, 2010 No comments yet

It is called cold pigment dye but for some its old dye. They are all same at the egde of being rubbish garments.

Here you see jersey t-shirts, cotton satin pants and a leather jacket all from our suppliers:


Indigo shades over Jersey

Aralık 9, 2010 No comments yet

These are brothers and sisters of jeans. Because they react same after we wash them like the garments out of denim. Fabrics are usual cotton jerseys which have a special indigo overdye. More you wash the garments, more jeans blue shades you get. But now on a t-shirt, s-shirt or jersey pants!


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