NEW JEANS LABELS DEV. /Frequency puffed /Injection /Recycled leather

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3 new jeans labels for 3 different brands. All developed from sketch. The materials and techniques are different from usual industry practices: The white one is a puffed label, requires a special back-binding, a different print machine and customized high-standart mould. The more

THIS WEEKS STYLEBOARDS //Jeans Basic for Boys /Jeans Jacket for Girls

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PPTR_Jeans_basic_BoysDOWNLOAD Taylor_Jacket_Light_WashedDOWNLOAD


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Striped denim fabrics out of dyed yarns are always in fond of our collections. Here one of our blog posts from more

Acid-wash evolved to a non toxic Sustainable-wash with an Organic Denim

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Acid washed denim is often synonymous with the punk culture of the 1980s. Everything from basic jeans, to jackets more


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I admit that we started to develope “sustainable” jeans as a market demand. But soon after hit by the facts that 1)its expensive more

Denim LOVES Grey Melange /Combo //Jackets and Western Shirts

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I was shared with you some of our ladies jacket with melange fleece inserts, here:

Now with this new post I also want to more


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ALAMEDA_Girls_JeansDOWNLOAD ANNE_white_denim_skirtDOWNLOAD

Retrospective: Garment Dyed Jersey /Cold Dye /Reverse /Ponge Wash /Acid Wash /Tie Dyes

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Just about 10 yrs ago, when we started to post our works at blog pages, we posted couple of Cold Dyed Jersey articles with photos. The world turnd round and round, and those articles still getting too much more

Barbed Wire Rips /Ladies Jeans /Skinny Fit

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Skinny fit jeans with dark vintage wash and artisanal destroy at the bottoms looks like barbed wires (or destroyed by barbed wires!?).


Also refer more

Jeans Jacket with Denim and Grey Melange combination /Ladies sizes XS to XL

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Very popular and timeless style, have many different options out there in the market almost at all jeans brands. Its popuolar more

Leather Belts /Jeans //Girls //Classic wild west buckle set

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We developed a Girls belt for an Italian brands collection, inspired by classic metal buckles and black leather. You can check out our product photos down below:

74 cm long With shiny silver metal more

ACID WASH: A total look and the new aspects, now denims

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With our first post about Acid Wash couple of yrs ago we have been explored the look and the techniques:

And after that, more

Foil up the Blue Jeans with Shiny Pink

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Last time we foil printed some jeans in Gold color. This time we foiled up a medium-washed blue jeans in shiny pink.

Complete Your Collection ///MEN’S //Jeans Slim /Serious Black_size 28/40

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Black denim 11 ounce comfort fabric Deep black color with used wash Slim fit-best seller sizes 28 to 40

ask for stylesheet with price and leadtime:


Complete Your Collection ///MEN’S //Jeans Slim /ROCK Black_size 28/40

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Black denim 11 ounce comfort fabric Distressed black ROCK wash Slim-best seller- fit sizes 28 to 40

ask for stylesheet with price and leadtime:


SPORT FLEECE DENIM /Jeans /Men_Summer //Regular Fit ///XS_XXL sizes

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Fleece-like fabric weaved at denim mill; Very comfortable but still durable with jeans look. Cotton/Elasthane composition Satin feel fabric surface, cotton composition with elasthane. Very comfortable more

Denim Jeans Jacket /MEN //Sport ///XS>XXL sizes /Blue and Black denim

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This is a bestseller fit in market for a long time. 10 oz denim with elasthane. 2 colors with 2 washing:

Blue denim with stone wash Black denim with rinse wash

WEEK 5 /Denim Fabric Selections //Top 3 and others

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Alrady reached the 5th week of the year and moving on with the new selections. These 3 are the best choices so far. more

WISTTT //Fleece denims

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Kiind of a fleece fabrics bu are not knitted. All weaved at denim mill looms; Soft, comfortable but vey durable with jeans feel and look. Once you used to these garments you dont want to take them out.

And the best option is to make Kids pants: They jump, run, kick, climb etc. with all comfort of a flece pant but more


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Its not the shiny fake leather leggings, but a sophisticated skin like look. Especially with the dull coatings and extra washing.

All fabric bases are with high elastic inside, very comfortable. And we also have ready-to-dye options.


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- First Turkish productions for an Italian brand.
- Ladies shirt&blouses for German Market
- Leather garments, belts
- Denim productions for a multinational streetwear brand
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