NEW LABELS DEVELOPED /Frequency puffed jeans patch /Micro Injection /Recycled leather patch

Eylül 28, 2021 No comments yet

3 new labels for 3 different brands: All developed starting from a sketch of the desginer. The materials and techniques are different from more

Sustainable Solutions on Garment Trimming /4 //Starch Based Buttons instead of plastic

Ağustos 18, 2020 No comments yet

Our inside buttons to hold adjustable elastics inside the kids pants wiastbands are starch based instead of plastic.

A small but still crucial contribution to use less plastic to save the world.

Sustainable Solutions on Garment Trimming /2 //Jeans Patches /of Jacron papers /of recycled Leathers

Ağustos 18, 2020 No comments yet

Jacron labels are the best choices for jeans pathes with durable structures, even that its a paper based material. Our jacrons are recycleable, makes them a part of the sustainable jeans product.

The leather patches are made out of more

Sustainable Solutions on Garment Trimming //Metal Buttons

Ağustos 18, 2020 No comments yet

The sustainability of our metal buttons coming from its difference from conventional way of making; They made without electricity (no electroplating) and without harmfull chemicals at galvanizing process. Saves environment from harmfull chemicals, and consuming less water and more

New leather labels

Haziran 11, 2012 No comments yet

Few years ago we have been making a denim project with an Italian denim designer. He was asked me to bring some leather label samples to one of our meetings. That time he was so excited to see some very thick leathers which we usually make belts. I was brought him some of those.

While digging out more

Ticket – Story of a hang tag developement

Haziran 1, 2012 No comments yet

Today i want to post the story of one simple hang tag we developed. Just to share the inspiration of the work.

We start with idea as always; product designers asks for a hang tag for movie inspired t shirts collection, which looks like an old&used theater ticket. And they sent me this artwork: more

Art of Jeans Buttons

Mayıs 10, 2012 No comments yet

Its always inspring when you zoom your attention on jeans buttons. And see how it is reflecting the idea of the brand and product they are putting on. Here below some examples …

Survived jeans buttons

Aralık 10, 2010 No comments yet

Received yesterday a super jeans buttons catalogue from the supplier which i already knew is the best. They make with enthusiasm and love. Do you see two finishes above, like they survived and taken from sunked Titanic! more

Its all about the finishes Part 2

Aralık 6, 2010 No comments yet

Here below find pictures of 2 more finishes from the same R&D:

Its all about the finishes

Aralık 6, 2010 No comments yet

All starting with ideas, even for a jeans button.  When they have told me to come up with an old&ruined jeans buttons i started to collect some ideas.  And at the end i have those 2 “rusty” old used button more

More wooden buttons

Kasım 29, 2010 No comments yet

Some more wood buttons for upcoming Summer. With personalized size, used paint and logo.

Wood Buttons

Kasım 26, 2010 No comments yet

New wooden buttons arrived. There are both natural looks and also custom lasered designs over them. Check out the sample pictures below:


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