A new denim wash-color

Posted on Kasım 24, 2015


Medium, light or dark … those were the denim wash colors we usually write down or tell to laundry to explain a wash-color. Later follows with ” a one tone darker, two tones lighter ..” instructions to reach what we want.

Few days ago I was in laundy for a bulk washing.The manager asked from me to give him few trial-legs, because he wants to show me a new wash-color. Then he came up with those washes in picture: Its simply looks like a cold-pigment dye .. but not. Those were truly my denim fabrics. They reached this cold dye-oil wash-dirty look from an indigo denim fabric !?

Untill now they dont expose the treatment to me, but got my attention. Now doing few pants samples, from different denims, then I will found out.. I will also share more pictures here later.     

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