Jersey Report 102 – Photo Printing CMYK

Posted on Haziran 5, 2012

“Production is discouraging creativity”. And we can put this further and say “Marketing is discouraging productivity”.

These days photo printed t shirts are fashion. And many asks from us the same and sending us photographic artworks. And asking for digital printing. One year ago it was difficult to find a digital textile printing but now there are printing-houses at every corner prints digital. But the thing is, now the quality is very much under average. Because most of them have the low-fi machinery and using cheap dyes.

So the best alternative is 4 color CMYK ( Cyan Magenta Yellow Key) . Because,

1- Its useful for any kind of photographic artworks.

2- Prints with silk-screening technique so more effective for mass production as for time and availability.

3- Cheaper.

4- Especially for used, tired look -which is also fashion- it looks better than a perfect, clean digital printing.

But be careful, you must always work with an experienced and fine printing-house because silkscreen printing has many tricks (silk nr.s, coloring, filming etc) and not everyone’s profession.

Here are some examples we did lately:






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