Spraying the tshirt

Posted on Haziran 2, 2012

Even when you are not the first doing something your name given on it. Because you do it very originally and widely on your market. When our collaborative designers asked me to make some “acid spray” over some t-shirts i couldn’t get it at first. Then they explained me very short: “we want Abercrombie spray”.  That time i understood they want the same thing on their t-shirts which the famous and bestseller US retailer does. But the problem is, laundries dont name it “Abercrombie”. So i started to find ways to explain and convince laundry to make some samples with my lead, so started tests and trials.

We can spray 2 thing over garments: 1) Dye and 2) Chemicals (of course not acid but some solvent). Sprayed dye looks nice but always leaves a bad stiff touch on the garment which consumers don’t like. So we should use solvents but those are effective only on dark colors and you never know what color comes out after the treatment. So we needed to make lots of test on each color and fabric of collection to see what is coming out.

Finally we get the best result on our blue color and made more trials about the placement and pressure of the spray. After all these tests the t-shirt came out:

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