Jersey Report 101 – Cool tshirts

Posted on Haziran 1, 2012

Since very long time we don’t post news about our jersey works and productions. And we have passed too many to show and write about. So today i am starting our “jersey reports” with pictures and explanations of a recent production of cool licensing project. As you can see from the logo t-shirt above its on cult movies of Paramount Pictures.

We don’t have the license but we sub-produced for one of our customer who owns the license. We developed the collection together with their designers and then did the mass production as well.

Lightweight and slubbed jersey fabrics used. And each style and garment stone-washed to the limits. If you take a deep look of some of them you can even spot some small holes. They are all at the border line of Garbage Garment – Fashion Garment.

Here below let me show you a gallery of images from some of the coolest ones i like the most:

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