Rainbow colors with laserprint

Posted on Kasım 16, 2015

There are many ways to put graphics on garments: Silkscreen printing, allover printing, digital printing etc. The flower printed pants in pictures looks like made with any of those techniques, but its not. Its printed with laser, applied directly on finished pants before washing at laundry. After washing the flowers and colors appaers.

When you hear the steps of this process, it opens many possibilities for new ideas and a unique design. Let me explain you those steps:

1- The colors-dyes spraying over the pants by air-brushes. At that step you have to imagine which part of the pants and design you want in which colors.

2- The design applies over dyed pants with laser.

3- A final treatment-washing applies on pants, which takes the dyes out, while the dye/colors on lasered parts stays!

Viola! You have your designs on pants with rainbow colors.

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