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LADIES JEANS /36-46 /Best Fit and Wash /Sustainable fabric and materials

Haziran 18, 2020 No comments yet

Photos of our organic/sustainable jeans for ladies 36-46:

The fabric is vintage. Its from a well known Turkish-denim-mill. Organic Cotton blended with elasthane. Distressed-used washing is without bleach but still a bleached look. So its Sustainable (Jeanologia inflow system) with low environmental impact score. All side materials ..read more


Şubat 13, 2020 No comments yet

More from our sustainable ladies jeans, following the story at 1st post …


Şubat 12, 2020 No comments yet

More from our sustainable ladies jeans, following the story at 1st post …

WHO WANTS TO LIVE SUSTAINABLE? /1// bleach but not bleach

Şubat 12, 2020 No comments yet

This is our latest Sustainable ladies jeans prototype. Looks heavy washed and bleached, altought its not! It has been washed with 95% less water than any conventional laundry washing and ZERO bleach!! The bleaching made with ozone instead of hydrogen peroxide. All the ..read more

Woman’s denim report: Bleach, black, lightblue and grey

Ağustos 9, 2019 No comments yet

Just check out the styles gallery here:

Cut&Patch: Re-weave the denim fabric

Temmuz 28, 2017 No comments yet

The pants are the loom and the fabric stripes are new threads: This is how we re-weave the denim fabric. 

Embroideried sequins on denims

Temmuz 22, 2017 No comments yet

Can you spot the shine on this denim short? Its the transparent sequins shines, embroideried on body. 

But how you can make embrodiery on a heavy washed garment,pants, jackets? The answer is not tricky, its the obvoius and hard way to do it. ..read more

Rainbow colors with laserprint

Kasım 16, 2015 No comments yet

There are many ways to put graphics on garments: Silkscreen printing, allover printing, digital printing etc. The flower printed pants in pictures looks like made with any of those techniques, but its not. Its printed with laser, applied directly on finished pants before washing at laundry. After washing the flowers and colors appaers.

When you hear the steps of ..read more

Lasered (Striped) denims

Haziran 6, 2012 No comments yet

Whenever our customers designer asks a new search of a material for a new development, usually we limited ourselves with the ones we already knew. Here they asked from me to find some striped denims for long and short trousers. And i immediately jumped to the yarn-dyed fabrics of some major fabric mills. But later, this time, i did not ..read more


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