Lasered (Striped) denims

Posted on Haziran 6, 2012

Whenever our customers designer asks a new search of a material for a new development, usually we limited ourselves with the ones we already knew. Here they asked from me to find some striped denims for long and short trousers. And i immediately jumped to the yarn-dyed fabrics of some major fabric mills. But later, this time, i did not stopped the research and dig more. Start to look for some other ideas, for example i found out pics of some really nice Japanese striped denims (they are always making the best):


Then with all these inspirations i opened my research to all kind of different fabric mills and offices to find some more and different alternatives as well. So in few days i came across to a very new kind of striped jeans; they were striped by laser. And with laser-work you can adjust the stripes (thick/thin or close/far etc) and apply on any kind of denim fabric you want to!

In the end we have chosen the best one suitable for that particular collection and also succeed to make the bulk production (now they are at shops). Here are some pictures of those:

But if you still want to see some real stripes (yarn dyes) here also some cute ones we made:

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