Ticket – Story of a hang tag developement

Posted on Haziran 1, 2012

Today i want to post the story of one simple hang tag we developed. Just to share the inspiration of the work.

We start with idea as always; product designers asks for a hang tag for movie inspired t shirts collection, which looks like an old&used theater ticket. And they sent me this artwork:

Then i started to look for my inspirations to be able to realize the manufacturing and final product. Start to look for 2 things: Material and treatment for old look. I searched some pictures :

Then i focused on the treatment. I made some trials with pouring tea over some papers, as inspiration comes from the look of the used tea-bags. So we can replace the tea with same kind of a dye for production. Bu later i decided not to move on that direction since dyeing process always need more time, care and cost a lot .

So finally decided to find a good paper material which looks like already a bit old and leave the treatment to my hang tag supplier. When i showed him the pictures i found he came up with the idea of using craft paper:

Then i let him brought me some alternative papers and make some crashing treatment with dry dyes. He finally came up with these samples:

We have choosen one and gave some comments:

Then we ready&go…

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