Digital printing all over fabrics

Posted on Mayıs 14, 2012

How big is the color printer in your office? Is it a desktop or one of those big ones same as tall as your refrigerator? OK…i have bigger one… How big is your office? No, big is your warehouse? Then it fits your warehouse but nowhere.

I am talking abut the industrial digital printing machinery at our fabric mill which prints million colors over any kind of fabric and width until 240 meters. And the best part is you can get even few meters of your print ideas over any fabric you desire. And if you lucky to have a fabric-mill also owns a dyeing inside (as ours) you can joke with your production manager who cannot choose the digital printed one out of same 2 flower printed poplins and choose the regular printed one. Because both handfeel’s the same.

OK lets cut the show off and tell about business: As per my experiences there are 2 main advantages of using digital print on fabrics:

1. As you can see below that we can use the same print design on any small parts of products and over any kind of material. I think these “wild” pictures explains:

So it helps too much to make some small amount of productions with allover printed fabrics. And now its very easy to make starting collections.

2. And another big advantage is to print any detailed designs with any resolution, million colors an shades. I think we can best explain it with below pictures: Check out the flowers from oil-on-canvas paints and now allover a cotton poplin fabric. Thats a prep for our Dutch customer:

Hope i could opened a window to all your opportunities.

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