A “stupid” jeans button

Posted on Kasım 29, 2010

Calling it stupid was the designers joke, because it was not a usefull and clever closure system. It is a joke of old time, historic jeans same type of  “not industrialized” trims. Basicly a 2 part button which the bottom part is a screw. So you can simply put-on the button yourself,  as you may also detach in same way.

After some time, i got feedbacks from friends using the firts prototypes proves its also a usefull so clever idea. One of them told me that he put the button on to his very old jeans which has loosen button. So helped him to wear those pants once again. Another one told me about the chance to put-on different colors and type of buttons on, as an accessory. And finally i realized that, when we open few more buttonholes the detachable button could be usefull also for an adjustable waistband!

Check out the pictures below, and create your own clever or stupid ideas.

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