Organic leather jackets for babies

Posted on Kasım 29, 2010

Its not the “babe” babies i am talking about, real babies jackets from 3 months to 1 years old. We have been produced this for some time, but i never saw any parallel or afterwards production in the market then wanted to share with you all as its still unique.
For sure a “Cavalli” brand could sell and a “Cavalli” lover mother that buys for her baby. But its still worth showing you. Body is a standart local lambs leather as a good quality. Leather is already a natural material, the organic finishing and dyeing makes it a complete organic product.

When its come to pricing, the prod. costs are same as an average adult leather jacket. Still when you consider the leather consumption is less, its comes with an affodable price. Unless if you have a consumer and market to sell it.

I would like to inform you that another idea also comes after this organic leather: Piece dyed (garment dyed) lether jackets. Because the final material after finishes is a ready-to-dye material. I am still searching the photos from my computer for our sample jackets, but here is a raw swatch. You imagine a hightly distressed look after dyeing.

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