White Denim /Skirt/Jacket/Pants/Salopette //GIRLS_4-14 YRS ///Sustainable Production w. Organic Fabric

Ağustos 6, 2020 No comments yet

A nice set of White jeans. Bull denim ..read more

Complete Your collection //Indigo Striped Denim /Short pants /GIRLS_4-14 YRS

Temmuz 23, 2020 No comments yet

We have 2 styles, with same nice fit on waist (check photos below) and different fabrics:

ANNA: 1mm indigo/1mm white stripes, 8 oz cotton/elastane fabric ANNISTON: 2mm indigo/1mm white stripes, 8 oz cotton/elastane fabric

Both of them sustainably produced and washed, and there is also 100% Organic ..read more

Girls Shoulder Bag /Gold&Pink //Eco-leather

Temmuz 20, 2020 No comments yet

An eco-leather shoulder bag with strap, gold metals with a placket of branding.

ask for price, leadtime and style sheet:


Girls Waist Bag /Black&Gold //Eco-leather

Temmuz 20, 2020 No comments yet

An eco-leather waistbag with belt, gold zipper and buckle set with a placket of branding.

ask for more info and stylesheet:


Complete Your Collection /DENIM //Jeans_Short_BOYS_4-14yrs //Sustainable

Haziran 20, 2020 No comments yet

Photos of our organic/sustainable jeans short for boys 4-14 yrs:

The fabrics is from a well known Turkish-denim-mill with 100% organic cotton (with 1% elasthane). Distressed-used washing, sustainable (inflow system) with low environmental impact score. All side materials (pocketing, elastics, labels) are GOTS certified. The short is sustainably ..read more

Complete Your collection //DENIM /Black Jeans pants /BOYS _4-14 YRS_sustainable

Haziran 17, 2020 No comments yet

BLACK OD BLACK, 10 oz, cotton/elasthane, Loose Fit, rinsed wash Organic Denim, 99/1 cotton/ea, Sustainable in-flaw washing, 11 oz, Loose Fit Black Denim, 98/2 cotton/ea, 10,50 oz, Heavy Stonewash, Loose fit

Ask for stylesheet with price and leadtimes:


Complete Your Collection //DENIM /Jeans Pants /GIRLS_Slim Fit _4-14yrs_Sustainable

Nisan 28, 2020 No comments yet

99% Organic Cotton 1% EA denim fabric Sustainable Wash with Low Impact EIM score Fair manufacturing and all secondary materials with GOTS certification. A nice slim fit and true jeans look for Girls.

Pls ask for stylesheet with price and lead times:


Natural Garment Dye Methods /1// Herbal Dye

Şubat 19, 2020 No comments yet

That is a very early developement by our supplier and dye-house: A special 100% organic and sustainable (natural) ..read more

Set of jeans

Şubat 14, 2020 No comments yet

A simple set of jeans, with same fabric and wash color, could be very usefull to complete the sales of a kids collection.

Organic Jersey to wear with Sustainable Jeans

Şubat 12, 2020 No comments yet

This is a small jersey setup for a Dutch Kids Jeans brand, to combine with the organic and sustainable jeans. So all the jersey products ..read more

Starter Styles //SUSTAINABLE JEANS /for KIDS

Şubat 10, 2020 No comments yet

The reason we try to live sustainable is to protect the environment for the future of planet, for our kids. It should have to be our responsibility. But surprisingly, kids are much more aware of it mand asking for sustainable products much more than ..read more

Tshirts Basics

Ağustos 24, 2019 No comments yet

Those tshirts produced by us some years ago for an Italian kidswear company who owned the licences for Jeckerson ..read more

Trending //Production /Tie Dye and Dip Dye

Ağustos 23, 2019 No comments yet

This is simply a handmade job. A product and technique which never get out of fashion.

When we ready to dye all the production bulk of the gabardine shorts we call “the guy” who knows how to tie and dip-dye all ..read more

Trending //Production /Cloud Wash

Ağustos 9, 2019 No comments yet

Indigo is like a canvas. There is no limit for creation once you have the imagination and tools. This is not washed jeans, but an artistic work needs artisanal touch.

Pls ask for stylesheet with price/leadtime:


Colored bleach -Phase 2: A new look of BLUE jeans

Haziran 15, 2019 No comments yet

The first time we posted the colored-bleach garments were developed from black denims. Now the same treatment developed from blue-denims. Now it has more denim look and less colored, but still a surprizing color-tone fits with the collection themes.

Engineered jeans -for boys

Haziran 15, 2019 No comments yet

Stretch denims with Engineered look and worn jeans treatment. Slightly turned legs.

Complete the Collection //DENIM /Caviar Black /BOYS /4-14yrs

Haziran 15, 2019 No comments yet

Black denim pants. 

10,5 oz black denim overdyed, comfort with elasthane Slim fit -boys 3D crashing effects

ask for more price/fit/etc. dirjan@teder.com.tr

Soft denims -for girls and boys

Mayıs 27, 2019 No comments yet

Looks like a regular-stiff indigo denim but its not. Its a soft fleece fabric with elasthane, but still looks and feels like a denim. Hard to describe, untill a mom check for handfeel or 4 yrs old gets a pair of pants on and ..read more

Girls Backpack /Gold&Pink //Black&Silver ///Eco-leather

Mayıs 17, 2019 No comments yet

Small backpack, an iconic bag with straps and a chic waistbag, for chic girls. Pink and black options, with gold metals.

Summer Time -GIRLS-

Mayıs 16, 2019 No comments yet

Lightweight, less fabric, open collars, short pants, bright colors and white.. Best fits for girls and never out of date styles. Check out pants and jackets ..read more


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