Jersey on the Moon

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I dont know why and who named this old dye effect as moonwash. Its a kind of a garemnt dye with old effect and more effective with darker colors. Here you may check some pictures I have been taken from more

Old dye or cold dye

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It is called cold pigment dye but for some its old dye. They are all same at the egde of being rubbish garments.

Here you see jersey t-shirts, cotton satin pants and a leather jacket all from our suppliers:


Indigo shades over Jersey

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These are brothers and sisters of jeans. Because they react same after we wash them like the garments out of denim. Fabrics are usual cotton jerseys which have a special indigo overdye. More you wash the garments, more jeans blue shades you get. But now on a t-shirt, s-shirt or jersey pants!

Few more pants with extreme washes

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Our pants with extreme washes developed by us.

Week 49 R&D items: jeans

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Enjoy this weeks first R&D items: Two Western Shirts out of denim. One for more

Its all about the finishes Part 2

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Here below find pictures of 2 more finishes from the same R&D:

Its all about the finishes

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All starting with ideas, even for a jeans button.  When they have told me to come up with an old&ruined jeans buttons i started to collect some ideas.  And at the end i have those 2 “rusty” old used button images.  I more

Distressed Leather Jacket

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We wanted to make a bit more distressed looking leather jacket than a standart garment washed.  We garment dyed a jacket which its body combined with ready-to-dye (RTD) fleece and pre-dyed leather jacket. The dye color was the same as leather color.

As you may see from below pictures, the fleece parts have a standart garment-dye used look. And the leather parts loosen more


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