A new denim wash-color

Kasım 24, 2015 No comments yet


Medium, light or dark … those were the denim wash colors we usually write down or tell to laundry to explain a wash-color. Later follows with ” a one tone darker, two tones lighter ..” instructions to reach what we want.

Few days ago I was in laundy for a bulk washing.The manager asked from me to give him few trial-legs, because he wants to show me a new wash-color. Then he came ..read more

Rainbow colors with laserprint

Kasım 16, 2015 No comments yet

There are many ways to put graphics on garments: Silkscreen printing, allover printing, digital printing etc. The flower printed pants in pictures looks like made with any of those techniques, but its not. Its printed with laser, applied directly on finished pants before washing at laundry. After washing the flowers and colors appaers.

When you hear the steps of this process, it opens many possibilities for new ideas and a unique ..read more

Fluo colored (neon dyed) garments

Temmuz 24, 2012 No comments yet

You will see much more of those neon colored (garment dyed) garments at production plants and laundries but also at shops this summer. Because preparations for 2013 summer already took attention of fast fashion brands and they bring neon dyed garments already at shops even this summer.

We already finished our productions and shipments. My best advise for these productions is that ..read more

Jersey Report 102 – Photo Printing CMYK io digital

Haziran 5, 2012 No comments yet

“Production is discouraging creativity” says Tina Fay. And we can put this further and say “Marketing is discouraging productivity”.

These days photo printed t shirts are fashion. And many customers asks from us the same and sending us photographic artworks. And asking for digital printing. One year ago it was difficult to find a digital textile printing but now there are printing-houses at every corner prints digital. But the thing ..read more

Spray over tshirt like Abercrombie

Haziran 2, 2012 No comments yet

Even when you are not the first doing something your name given on it. Because you do it very originally and widely on your market. When our collaborative designers asked me to make some “acid spray” over some t-shirts i couldn’t get it at first. Then they explained me very short: “we want Abercrombie spray”.  That time i understood they want the same thing on their t-shirts which the famous ..read more

Ticket – Story of a hang tag developement

Haziran 1, 2012 No comments yet

Today i want to post the story of one simple hang tag we developed. Just to share the inspiration of the work.

We start with idea as always; product designers asks for a hang tag for movie inspired t shirts collection, which looks like an old&used theater ticket. And they sent me this artwork:

Then i started to look for my inspirations to ..read more

Dye Hard 2

Aralık 13, 2010 No comments yet

Series is going on with the new thriller “Dye hard 2”.  Here is the rest of the vintage dye collection, the first part was here

Here is the gallery:

Dye Hard 1

Aralık 13, 2010 No comments yet

We brought to you direcly from Hollywood studios: Here is Bruce Willis ‘s sleeveles top from the Die Hard series!

“Dye hard” is the joke i found but actually its cold pigment dye. Here below i present you the first part of a very nice collection of vintage washes. All on jersey and made by an Italian laundry:

Leggings on the Moon

Aralık 10, 2010 No comments yet

..and what if we make the moonwash over bottoms? Here are the picture two legging RD of ours: Fabric is a superstretch twill with flamed surface look.

Jersey on the Moon

Aralık 10, 2010 No comments yet

I dont know why and who named this old dye effect as moonwash. Its a kind of a garemnt dye with old effect and more effective with darker colors. Here you may check some pictures I have been taken from laudry RD when they were developing for the big Swedish clothing company.


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